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    Yoga in Cambodia – Banteay Srey in Kampot

    Travelling solo, for me, always involves doing Yoga in each country I visit. I mindfully wander around the world to find yet another beautiful sacred space that allows me to reconnect with myself and all that is around. When I looked to do Yoga in Cambodia, I was excited to have stumbled upon a very special yoga space in Kampot.

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    I discovered the ‘Banteay Srey’ Women’s Project: a Spa and Yoga space. In fact, it is so much more. It is a vocational training centre, created by Freya, that focuses on providing a safe heaven for vulnerable women in Cambodia, by providing them the opportunity to gain marketable skills, as well as life skills. It enables them to find employment – especially in tourism industry, which is growing day by day in Cambodia.

    If you want to learn more about it, please visit my Giving Back page (where you also have the possibility to donate to the project if it is something that you wish to do).

    You can also visit their website here.

    Banteay Srey Project - Kampot -Cambodia

    I spent two afternoons and an evening at Banteay Sray.

    Their space is so inviting to just relax and look out to the river (or even take a swim), read a book and enjoy the serenity & peace around you. Their Spa is absolutely amazing and I cannot recommend their massages highly enough! The full-body massages and the scrubs are all really affordable – plus they use their own hand-made oils, creams and scrubs.

    Simply divine!

    Banteay Sray Project - Kampot -Cambodia

    Kampot, in general, was a place I could see myself staying for a whole lot longer. It just felt right and I’m so glad I came. While I was travelling south, Ben went east to Kratie to kayak with the river dolphins, and I was worried that I made the wrong decision as…hmmm…seeing dolphins swimming right next to you is a pretty spectacular thing, isn’t it?


    But somehow, I trusted my intuition and decided to head to the sea – which is always a good decision, in my eyes. And what better way to spend my time doing Yoga in Cambodia by the sea or a beautiful river?!

    I’ve always had a fascination with the sea – perhaps because I grew up in Switzerland, a land-locked country.

    Banteay Sray Project - Kampot -Cambodia

    I came to realise that trusting your intuition is so important in life.

    Many people dismiss it as something that is too ‘touchy feely’ – as something not ‘rational enough’. However, I believe that decisions made in your head don’t always mean they are wise. You can think the wrong things over so many times and make yourself believe that what you are about to do is right. In the meantime, your intuition, your gut instinct, somehow screams ‘No! Don’t do it!’.

    Sounds familiar?

    Banteay Sray Project - Kampot -Cambodia

    So during my Yoga practise at Banteay Srey, I really tried to connect to this inner sacred space more deeply which is responsible for ‘making those decisions from a wiser place’. Imagine if we were taught from the start, from an early age, to tap into this force – to foster it – to make it bloom. What would our world be like? What if we learnt from the start to manage stress through awareness, meditation, breathing and healthy movement? To learn that we are all equal and we are all connected?Udemy

    I would love to encourage my kids to do Yoga one day and team them those ever-important skills to access their inner power. We all possess it, but have all too often sway away from it.

    Dismiss it as ‘untrue’.

    Banteay Sray Project - Kampot -Cambodia

    It is spaces like Banteay Srey which offer time to contemplate on things – reflect on your life. It let’s you connect to some aspects of you that you thought you had lost. Alone time is essential for such reflections. Ladies come here to do Yoga in the mornings, then have a manicure or a massage, then lounge on the comfortable outdoor setting. Drink delicious freshly prepared smoothies – enjoy a vegetarian meal.

    Then do it all again the next day.

    Banteay Sray Project - Kampot -Cambodia

    It is those moments that reveal so much. It certainly revealed a lot about myself.

    For that I want to thank you, Banteay Srey! I planned to do Yoga in Cambodia but found so much more than that.


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    Do you enjoy going to places for reflection? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.


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    Yoga in Cambodia, Kampot. Wherever I go, I'm always on the lookout for a serene space to deepen my Yoga practise. As I travel mindfully around the world, I discover new spaces that allow me to reconnect with myself and all that is around me. Click here to find out more :)!

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    • Anna

      24.08.2016 at 19:43 Reply

      Nice reflective post I really loved Kampot too and do alot of yoga in India. I love how they help women and have been dreaming of returning for ages. Thanks for letting me know about this place, hopefully I’ll get the chance to experience it for myself soon – it sounds like such a wonderful experience

      • Serendipity Tess

        24.08.2016 at 20:51 Reply

        OH Anna…thank you so much for your beautiful comment! And yes, please if you can, do go visit this place — it is one of my favourite sacred places of all time — i felt so invigorated and happy there…highly recommended! Plus it’s a not-for-profit benefitting those that need it the most…

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