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    Glamping in Australia: When Dreams come True!

    We have been driving on this road for hours and I don’t get tired of it. I’m trying to spot more kangaroos. Yesterday we have seen about 10 of them disappear into the wild. It’s quite a spectacular moment to see the iconic Australian animal hop past you – they were so close!

    Soon we might be able to see some camels or wombats…

    Australia_Glamping Hub_Aussie roadsigns

    The landscape has changed so much since we have left South Australia. I’m fascinated about the beauty of this country. I wish we had had more time in Western Australia and I’m adamant to come back one day and travel up the Coral coast. Supposedly it rivals Queensland. South Australia and Victoria are quite different too – each State has something else to offer. What can you expect? It’s the sixth biggest country in the world and a continent at the same time. In other words: it’s huge!

    I’ve travelled to so many places in the world and yet, there is just something particularly enticing about this land…

    Australia_Glamping Hub_beautiful country

    The typical Aussie roadtrip is usually done by backpacker car or camper van. But after a while, I do miss a nice and comfortable bed and I drift into thought and start daydreaming…what would it be like to glam it up a bit? We do love to treat ourselves to some luxury once in a while. I’ve only ever glamped in Namibia – ages ago – it was a spectacular experience and I always wanted to do it again.

    What if we went glamping in Australia?

    Just look at this stunning cabin! Wouldn’t it be absolutely perfect to stay in one of these places? Far away enough from civilization to feel the adventurous spirit arise in you and yet sheltered and cared for to feel like you are on that very special luxurious get-away…?

    In case you don’t know what ‘glamping’ is: think all the thrills you experience while ‘camping’ with the frills of retreating to that extra ‘glamorous’ place that you only ever see in movies.

    It’s glamorous camping

    Gorgeous Villas near Turquoise Waters of Cable Beach, AustraliaPhoto provided by Glamping Hub

    We are on our way to explore the East Coast. In a few hours, we’ll be in a new state, Victoria, and ready to explore the Great Ocean Road! We’ll stop along the many cheese factories or artisan chocolate shops and taste as many local specialities as we can.

    Oh and of course, we’ll be doing some wine tasting – because Australia is not only famous for it’s unique animals, ‘Aussie Rules’ or a good ‘barbie’ (BBQ for those less familiar of the Aussie lingo)…

    this country also produces some of the best wines in the world. 

    Australia_Glamping Hub_wines Victoria

    Australia_Glamping Hub_GOR_chocolates

    Imagine how it would be to sleep nestled among big eucalyptus trees, in your own little hut in the middle of nowhere, and as you peak out of your window in the morning, you’d watch the Koalas in nearby trees wake up who now stare back at you…This is as close to nature as you could get! It’s just you and the cosy feeling of waking up in a comfortable bed with the sounds of nature all around.

    Isn’t it wonderful, this feeling of re-charging and just letting go…?

    Australia_Glamping Hub_Koala

    Spacious, Romantic Getaway Studio, Australia

    Photo provided by Glamping Hub 

    I’m in Australia! I still can’t quite believe it! I was curious to see how I would feel to be back – and well…I’m still as enamoured as I was the first two times I had visited. People are so friendly and helpful – they seem to be in a good mood all the time, curious to know where you are going and when you are coming back – there is always a joke to be heard and a smile to be exchanged. The Aussie’s have this special charm about them and know how to make you feel welcomed.

    Within one country you’ve got it all: wild rugged coastlines, big cities with iconic landmarks, the famous red landscapes, kangaroos & koalas, tropical beaches…

    Australia_Glamping Hub_beautiful sea

    Australia_Glamping Hub_kangaroo Esperance

    If you are considering to glamp in Australia, I recommend Glamping Hub: They offer one of the biggest databases of out-of-the-ordinary luxury camping accommodations (86 in Australia alone). Imagine exploring Australia by staying in Yurts, Tipis, Cabins, Tree houses…Whatever you are after, you’d be sure to find it on Glamping Hub.

    Wouldn’t it be spectacular to call a place like this your home for a few days?

    Secluded Beach House Resort near Great Barrier Reef, Australia

    Photo provided by Glamping Hub 

    We are now heading up North to explore the big cities: Melbourne and Sydney. After a busy day of sight-seeing, I visualize escaping the hustle & bustle and retreating to our own treehouse in the Rainforest – we would be going for walks in our immediate woods and re-connect to the only moment we ever have: the present!

    As much as I love to explore big cities, I’d love to listen to the kookaburras talking to each other before falling asleep….

    Australia_Glamping Hub_Sydney Opera House

    Australia_Great Ocean Road-1-2

    A few days later, I’m waking up in the arms of my loved one. How would it feel like to unzip our own private luxury tent…step outside and see the morning dew on the vast grassland, breathe in the fresh air as I close my eyes to remain in this moment for a while longer. In the evening, we’d be toasting to our adventure and our new memories formed in front of our own open fire pit, waiting for the coals to have the right temperature to grill something tasty while we listen to our own playlist on our Ipod- this tent has Bose speakers, can you believe it?

    Wouldn’t it be surreal to be camping in the wild and yet enjoy the little luxuries in life that make a moment so much more special?

    Romantic Luxury Getaway Nestled in the Hepburn Shire, Australia

    Photo provided by Glamping Hub 

    Australia_Glamping Hub_Coast

    Another reason I love Glamping Hub is, that many of their glamping hide-aways allow pets, making it one of the biggest databases for pet-friendly accommodations in Australia – whatever you are after: romantic get-aways, for that extra-special honeymoon, or just a much needed time to enjoy each other’s presence, a fun-filled action-packed family holiday, or a solo trip to recharge those batteries in the nature while doing Yoga on your own little wooden decked patio…you’ll be sure to find a unique glamping get-away that is exactly what you have in mind!

    What about a few nights in an ‘eco-pod’? Little special hide-aways constructed using completely recycled, local and natural materials…

    Australia_Glamping Hub_low res-4-2

    I fantasize, that on our last evening, we would sit on our own porch to take some photos of the incredible starry night, I can see myself jumping up as I spot a shooting star “Oh my goodness! Did you see this? Quick! Let’s make a wish!”. That night we would promise each other to come back one day. To the same cabin in the woods. Drink the same Cabernet Sauvignon and listen to the same song.

    As we dance to our favourite tune…

    Luxury Tent Rental in NSW near Jervis Bay

    Photo provided by Glamping Hub

    …we would both know, in this moment, that dreams do come true.

    *This is a sponsored post. With special thanks to Glamping Hub.

    heart-blueHave you ever gone ‘glamping’? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!


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    • David Stock

      12.02.2016 at 22:03 Reply

      Love the idea of glamping in australia! It’s not the normal. Way cool it’s now on my list of must hit adventures!

      • Serendipity Tess

        13.02.2016 at 17:46 Reply

        Thanks for popping by David and I’m glad I spurred some glamping wanderlust in you 😉


      28.04.2016 at 15:16 Reply

      Thank you for the dreamy photos !! Goodonya Mates !
      Come visit if you are in the pacific Northwest…just outside of Mt. Rainier National Park.

      • Serendipity Tess

        02.05.2016 at 04:25 Reply

        Oh I can’t get enough of Australia – will surely fly back one day 🙂

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