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    Recipe: Pavlova (New Zealand & Australia)

    This is probably one of the easiest cakes you will ever make. And it’s low in calories and gluten free! In New Zealand and Australia it is very popular during the summer months – especially on Christmas. It is a delectable, fruity light summer cake perfect for those warmer days....

    Recipe: Lao Lap
    Recipe: Lao Larb (Spicy Chicken Salad)

    Laos was the only country I visited so far in which I struggled to find a variety of recipes. This is because there aren’t too many traditional dishes in Laos. This yummy summer salad is perfect for those really hot days. You can either use minced chicken or beef....

    Recipe: Vietnamese Pho

    Vietnamese Food. I could write love poems for you. I knew before I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City that I loved Noodle soups. Having spent a month in Thailand prior to that wetted my appetite already to try different types of soups all across Asia. I’m also a massive...

    Recipe: Easy Pad Thai (Thailand)

    A classic served on pretty much every street food stall we came across. It is a very quick dish to prepare and tastes so incredibly yummy. You can either leave the prawns or the chicken out – or combine the two. Either way, one portion will never be enough....

    Recipe: Rajasthani Rabodi - Jodhpur - India
    Recipe: Rajasthani Rabodi (India)

    On our first day in Jodhpur we were curious to find out how Rabodi tasted - especially after the owner of the guest-house we stayed at, explained that it is entirely made out of Yoghurt. We loved it so much, we ordered it a few times more that week! Rabodi...

    Recipe: Tess’ Yoga Tea (Goa)

    When I spent my solo week in Goa to catch up on some work, I drank this tea every single day. When I got up in the mornings, this is what I looked forward to: to start the day with this delicious concoction of cardamom, honey and cinnamon. Perfect drink...