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    17 Things you Must Do in Dublin
    17 Things you Must Do in Dublin!

    One of the very first things I do when I land in a new city: I google if there are free walking tours. The concept is simple: tours are organised, usually by enthusiastic locals, who teach you about the history, culture etc. of their city in a very funny way,...

    What to do in Phnom Penh?

    My favourite cafe was ‘Sugar & Spice’ over at ‘Daughters of Cambodia’. A project that was founded to support women who have just escaped the sex trade – many of them victims of trafficking. There is a room inside of the shop where you watch a film about the women’s...

    Cambodia: What to do in Siem Reap?

    Siem Reap is a pretty little town. No, I mean really PRETTY! Some alleyways of Siem Reap somehow reminded me of France or Italy – it seemed so ‘European’. I loved all the little beautiful cafes and restaurants. The atmosphere, especially in the evening, was so inviting. If you fancy...

    The 5 best Co-working Spaces in Chiang Mai

    During my two weeks in Chiang Mai, I cycled from Night Bazaar, where my apartment was situated, to Nimman Road every day. I usually would cycle back home anything between 2am – 4am. So an important criteria for me was to work at a co-working space which was open 24...