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    Jodhpur (the Blue City): Conversations with a Brahmin

    Guddu continues: there is the odd occasion when some decide to elope but they can never return back to their families and many of these love marriages have resulted in suicide. The pressure is too big. And life away from our families is hard and almost impossible. We loose everything....

    Yoga for Complete Beginners – Yin & Yang (3)

    My favourite is the exercise which relates to Yin and Yang – the alternate nostril breathing. “We all know that on some days we love our neighbour and we promise to ourselves to be nice to him. Then all of a sudden we are back to our vicious selves and...

    Yoga for Complete Beginners – Chakras & Kundalini (2)

    I feel extremely uncomfortable doing the Lion Pose which is aimed at the Throat chakra. We position ourselves on all our fours with the hands inwards (forget it. cannot do it), open our mouths, stick the tongue out, open our eyes wide as if in comical shock and say: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....

    Yoga for Complete Beginners – Stages of Yoga (1)

    He now explains what Yoga is and I realise how little I know about it. Whenever I went to a yoga class, instructors focused on doing the poses rather than explaining what Yoga was really all about. Even introductory yoga classes left me walking out of the premises with less...