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    First Impressions of India!

    In Jodhpur someone tried to entice us to walk into his shop by telling us that they supply Laura Ashley in the UK, that Prince Charles had visited the shop, that their garments feature in Tatler – and the list goes on. ...

    First impressions of Bangkok – coming from India.

    After five weeks in India, where sensory overload is a daily occurrence, Thailand was a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong – I loved travelling through India – the best local encounters happened there. I have so many wonderful memories – they outweigh the negative aspects by far...

    Recipe: Rajasthani Rabodi - Jodhpur - India
    Recipe: Rajasthani Rabodi (India)

    On our first day in Jodhpur we were curious to find out how Rabodi tasted - especially after the owner of the guest-house we stayed at, explained that it is entirely made out of Yoghurt. We loved it so much, we ordered it a few times more that week! Rabodi...

    Recipe: Tess’ Yoga Tea (Goa)

    When I spent my solo week in Goa to catch up on some work, I drank this tea every single day. When I got up in the mornings, this is what I looked forward to: to start the day with this delicious concoction of cardamom, honey and cinnamon. Perfect drink...

    Serendipity Tess’ Bliss Report – Month 2

    India was a shock to the system. I think it’s either a country many love or hate. However, I found myself to be right in between. There are some aspects about India that I did not enjoy at all: being harassed constantly, the ulterior motives of people, the constant sensory...