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    First impressions & expressions…Australia

    I loved the ‘real’ Australia – the one just outside of the cities, where you see the kangaroo roadsigns. Where the sand is red. Where it’s endless roads of nothingness and… well…you. I adored the outback! Imagine my face when I first spotted some kangaroos in the wild! I couldn’t...

    Cambodia: First Impressions & Expressions

    It was an early start when we left our Bangkok hotel, at Sukhumvit Soi 18. Thankfully we only had to walk a few minutes before we saw the first taxi driver approach us. It was surprisingly warm – despite the time, it was 4.30am. ‘To the main railway station, please’. Today...

    Laos: First Impressions & Expressions

    I fully understand that the tourism in Lao, and Cambodia for instance, are very new – not many speak English – making it very hard to communicate (unless you speak the language). But, I constantly felt like I was a nuisance to them. As if I was not overly welcome...

    Reflections: On not Feeling Lost in Kathmandu

    In a way I admired his naivety when it came to the stark contrasts of our countries we grew up in and the third world we are immersing ourselves in currently. Even though such moments can be rather scary, usually these are the moments that have the greatest impact on...