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    Review: Everyday Bangkok Hostel

    After some research, Everyday Bangkok Hostel caught my attention. Here is the impression I had of the place: One can tell, that the owner puts his heart into this place. The hostel only recently opened its doors – so everything is new. What I particularly liked about it, was the colourful...

    Review: Loftel 22 Bangkok

    We wanted to find cheap, but good, hostels for the remainder of our time in Bangkok. This was not easy. If I stay in a hostel, I spend quite a big amount of time reading reviews, as I don't want to sleep in bedbug infested places nor spend the whole...

    10 Out-of-the-Ordinary Bangkok Experiences

    I fell in love with Bangkok the moment I arrived. I truly could see myself living here. Especially after travelling through India for 5 weeks - Bangkok appeared super clean, super quiet (just gives you an idea of the sensory overload in India) and super organised. We stayed for 10...

    Serendipity Tess Bliss Report – Month 3

    Thailand is just one of those countries that you will inevitably fall in love with. I can see why there is such a hype around this place. It’s amazing. There is nothing not to love about Thailand. It’s easy to travel within. People are friendly. The weather is fantastic. There...

    First impressions of Bangkok – coming from India.

    After five weeks in India, where sensory overload is a daily occurrence, Thailand was a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong – I loved travelling through India – the best local encounters happened there. I have so many wonderful memories – they outweigh the negative aspects by far...