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Glamping in Australia: When Dreams come True!

A few days later, I’ll be waking up in the arms of my loved one in our own little luxurious tent. We’ll be toasting to our adventure and our new memories formed in front of our own open fire pit, waiting for the coals to have the right temperature to...

Walking on Ice – Fox Glacier in New Zealand

As you should know by now. I'm all about trying new things and experiencing new adventures. One of my favourite questions I ask people is: when was the last time you did something for the first time? If your answer is ‘I can’t remember’, I really think you should go...

Reflections: A moment of complete Bliss in Laos

At some point we just sat in silence, I glanced up to the sky and saw all these beautiful stars shining back at me. Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you universe for being so kind to me. For giving me this opportunity to travel the world. I’ve been...

Simple Guidelines for Responsible Diving

When I dived, I made sure to inform myself on what responsible diving actually entailed. It is really very simple to stick to those simple guidelines which can make a tremendous difference to preserving the underwater world.Please consider these when you book your next diving adventure:...

The Decision to Travel the World
The Decision to Travel the World

The initial plan was to travel for 6 months by myself. I quickly knew that 6 months will never be enough for everything I plan to visit. Realistically it was going to be 9-12 months. In a way I’m nervous when I’m reaching the 11 months mark and I notice...