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Serendipity Tess’ Bliss Report – Month 2

India was a shock to the system. I think it’s either a country many love or hate. However, I found myself to be right in between. There are some aspects about India that I did not enjoy at all: being harassed constantly, the ulterior motives of people, the constant sensory overload. But then, in hindsight, India was one of the most spectacular countries we travelled to for a whole load of reasons: If you are passionate about photography, India is the place to travel to. Almost every photo I have taken in India is beautiful – not because of my skills (i’m a beginner after all), but because the bustling colours paired with chaos all around provide for endless hours of eye-candy spotting. Everything around you is a beautiful mess.
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Serendipity Tess’ Bliss Report – Month 1

Month 1 was by far the toughest – that I can tell you. I am completely new to this whole ‘travelling perpetually’ experience and there were some hard lessons to learn along the way, but so far it has been absolutely mind-blowing! I still cannot believe that I packed my bags to travel the world. Here comes the Bliss Report for Month 1, where I’m sharing Facts & Figures (especially useful for you lot who plan to travel the world yourselves and want to know how much one effectively ends up spending) and favourite and least favourite moments of each month.
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