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11 things I wish I had known about Travel Blogging 

When I started blogging I put myself under so much pressure to fill up my blog with as much content as possible. I spent a month documenting my whole Nepal trek (17 blog posts), for instance. To blog as much as possible, as often times as possible.I thought that is what I had to do. Then I started reading loads of different travel blogs out there and I was amazed with what people write about and how they write. Truth is: you don’t need to be an insanely good writer. There are travel bloggers out there who’s first language is not English (like moi) and you can often recognise this by the way they use grammar incorrectly in their posts (i’m sure this post alone could do with loads of improvements).
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Serendipity Tess’ Bliss Report – Month 4

Month 4 was a very different Month to all the previous ones. I crammed two new countries in a month, Vietnam and Laos, and experienced two different travel styles: solo and buddy travel. After an initial bumpy start to my solo travels in Vietnam, I started loving it so much that I was actually a little bit sad that it came to an end. I was looking forward to meeting my friend in Laos – but at the same time, I kind of wished my solo time had continued a little bit longer. After Laos I was going to be in Chiang Mai for two weeks to catch up on work and only explore a little bit before meeting Ben at the end of March – more solo travel will have to wait for a while.
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Vietnam: First Impressions and expressions

Three months into my perpetual traveler existence and these feelings never surfaced in Nepal nor in India. So, when I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon as it is still called by many locals), I was disappointed. I had read so many great things about the city – I was not blown away. It would never be a city I would consider to live in. Like ever. Yes, the street food is yummy and there are some cool streets here and there – but other than that: it is dirty and extremely noisy. There are an estimate of about 6 million scooters buzzing around in Saigon. Unsurprisingly, it is called the motorbike city. Whatever it was that attracted people to live an expat life out here…I don’t know.
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Welcome to Vietnam! Musings on travelling solo.

This one evening, I was happily minding my own business – about to order my dinner at this street food stall, looking forward to half an hour of uninterrupted simply being with myself, when this dutch woman sits opposite of me. Eurgh. Really…what is it with people? I would never ever do that. If I saw someone sitting there on their own, I would not just waltz into their bubble and install myself smash bang in front of them. There is a reason, they are there alone. A few months on I realise it’s called ‘being social’ and that is what solo travellers do – it’s perfectly normal.
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Thailand Island Hopping on a Budget – Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is one of those places that either love or hate. It’s a bit like Marmite. My first impression was a bad one – especially after coming from Koh Phayam. I had found my perfect Paradise Island which was quiet, secluded and had everything I liked and imagined an ‘Island Paradise’ to be and had arrived in a busy place with too many tourists, too many boats (the fact that most beaches have so many boats floating in the water, does not make me want to swim in it…), too loud and too artificial. On a good note: it had loads of beautiful cats on the Island.
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Serendipity Tess Bliss Report – Month 3

Thailand is just one of those countries that you will inevitably fall in love with. I can see why there is such a hype around this place. It’s amazing. There is nothing not to love about Thailand. It’s easy to travel within. People are friendly. The weather is fantastic. There is everything you could wish for: culture, good food, variety in flora and fauna, stunning beaches, bustling cities.
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Serendipity Tess’ Bliss Report – Month 1

Month 1 was by far the toughest – that I can tell you. I am completely new to this whole ‘travelling perpetually’ experience and there were some hard lessons to learn along the way, but so far it has been absolutely mind-blowing! I still cannot believe that I packed my bags to travel the world. Here comes the Bliss Report for Month 1, where I’m sharing Facts & Figures (especially useful for you lot who plan to travel the world yourselves and want to know how much one effectively ends up spending) and favourite and least favourite moments of each month.
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