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How travelling the World prepared me for my estranged Father’s Death

'I'm sorry. It is too late. Your father passed away'. As I hear those words on the other end of the line, I am more than 9000 km away from my home country and I'm trying hard not to faint. After a long pause, I tell the person on the phone that I will book a flight and travel back to Europe immediately. I didn't expect saying this. Nor did I think I would actually go through with my intention. But what surprised me the most was to be struck with symptoms of grief from the very first moment I heard those words. It did not make sense. My father and I were estranged.
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11 things I wish I had known about Travel Blogging 

When I started blogging I put myself under so much pressure to fill up my blog with as much content as possible. I spent a month documenting my whole Nepal trek (17 blog posts), for instance. To blog as much as possible, as often times as possible.I thought that is what I had to do. Then I started reading loads of different travel blogs out there and I was amazed with what people write about and how they write. Truth is: you don’t need to be an insanely good writer. There are travel bloggers out there who’s first language is not English (like moi) and you can often recognise this by the way they use grammar incorrectly in their posts (i’m sure this post alone could do with loads of improvements).
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