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    Tread – Social Media for Explorers!

    There is a new social media craze out there, called Tread!

    Think of a community of people treading their way around the world leaving their marks of discoveries right where they’re at. Have you just discovered this amazing little restaurant? Take photos of the amazing food, leave a quick review, leave your mark – share it with the world. Done. Oh…hold on…Brenda has just left her mark at this trendy bar down in Soho! I better go check it out myself! The Cocktails look amazing!

    It’s social media for authentic real-time moments captured by a broad audience of like-minded Globetrotters, Explorators, Life-lovers, People like You and Me. How is it different to regular social media? Well, it’s less about you (although you are pretty awesome) but more about the actual place you are visiting. Think instant TripAdvisor.

    I’m already completely addicted to this app! Let me show you how it works so you can start leaving your marks everywhere too!

    Serendipity Tess in India

    Step 1: Create a Profile and get ready to Tread your World!

    After you created a Profile, you can start leaving your mark right away! Just click on the Treading button in the middle (the red compass thingy), you’ll automatically be shown where you are at right now. You can search in and around that area too and look for the exact spot.



    1) Take a photo of yourself (if you want to) in the moment.

    2) Take the snaps of your ‘Discovery’. Up to 6 photos.

    3) Add your comment and share it with the community! Wohoo! You have just created your first Tread!


    The awesome thing about Tread is that the App automatically creates ‘Treading cards’ and you can share these on other Social Media, like Twitter or Facebook. It’s awesome because you can collect your Treads and share it with friends. I’m sure you had those moments when you gave this really awesome recommendation to a friend but could not recall what the place was called. That’s where you’ll access your Tread or Photo Stream and simply share your Tread card.

    Too easy! And pretty awesome, right?


    Step 2: Search the Area

    Have you just landed somewhere and curious to see where the cool bars are or where you can book an awesome one-of-a-kind experience? Click on Explore and see what other ‘Treaders’ have been up to! Save those recommendations and follow their footsteps. A lot more hassle-free than reading a guide-book or searching the Internet for what to do in the area. The more people Tread, the more awesome experiences can be re-created. Follow the footsteps of your Treat Buddy.

    Chances are you’ll enjoy the experience as much as they did!

    TREAD-1-10 TREAD-1-9

    Step 3: Explore and Trust others

    Treading is all about Trust. People share their real-time experiences on the spot. On Latest you’ll find out what the Tread community has been up to lately. If you like the look of a Find, click on it – you can add this discovery to your own list so you can travel to the same spot at some point. If you like what this person shares, give them a ‘Trust’ and keep following what they are up to.


    In Discover you can read awesome stories about Featured Tread Users: Globetrotters (such as moi), Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Explorers etc. We all come together to leave our marks on this world. After all, sharing is caring – and at Tread everyone cares to let you know about this awesome serendipitous discovery they have just stumbled upon.


    If you click on the link here and download the app, you’ll automatically be entered to their $1000 give-away which ends on New Year’s Day! Good Luck!

    Happy Treading! 

    heart-blueHave you downloaded the app? What do you think of this awesome new social media out there?



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    • Jenia

      12.12.2015 at 09:30 Reply

      Gah – I love the idea of such an app, but I am already signed up for two others, and it seems like there’s just too much work involved with facebook, instagram and snapchat taking up much energy already – I know its all different, BUT the more apps, the less time! How do you keep up with it all?!
      Jenia recently posted…HTL Travelers’ Gift Guide: 2015My Profile

      • Serendipity Tess

        12.12.2015 at 13:11 Reply

        I know what you mean! Social Media is a massive part of blogging. If not careful, it can be too consuming. This app is great for personal use though as I can plan my travels by checking out what’s nearby of wherever I’m currently at. I find Tripadvisor sometimes a bit too commercial and it’s lacking the ‘recommended by a friend’ aspect which Tread is awesome for! So, in a way, it is very different to all the other platforms out there. I’m a massive fan of Trover which I try to update as much as I can. Tread falls in the same category – great for trip planning! I hope all is well on your side Jenia 🙂 Thanks for popping by 🙂

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