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Liebster Award – For the Love of Travel

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text] So, I wake up this morning and look at my newest Twitter notifications. I've been nominated for an Award? Really? That's awesome! Thank you Katie & Ben over at Two Wandering Soles!  Essentially, it is an initiative amongst travel bloggers to introduce newbies in the travel blogosphere to the rest of the world. It's...

Reflections: A moment of complete Bliss in Laos

At some point we just sat in silence, I glanced up to the sky and saw all these beautiful stars shining back at me. Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you universe for being so kind to me. For giving me this opportunity to travel the world. I’ve been...

Laos: First Impressions & Expressions

I fully understand that the tourism in Lao, and Cambodia for instance, are very new – not many speak English – making it very hard to communicate (unless you speak the language). But, I constantly felt like I was a nuisance to them. As if I was not overly welcome...

Serendipity Tess’ Bliss Report – Month 4

Month 4 was a very different Month to all the previous ones. I crammed two new countries in a month, Vietnam and Laos, and experienced two different travel styles: solo and buddy travel.After an initial bumpy start to my solo travels in Vietnam, I started loving it so much that...

Simple Guidelines for Responsible Diving

When I dived, I made sure to inform myself on what responsible diving actually entailed. It is really very simple to stick to those simple guidelines which can make a tremendous difference to preserving the underwater world.Please consider these when you book your next diving adventure:...

Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City? Hanoi!
Hanoi – a Beautiful Mess

My photography is heavily focused on capturing a ‘beautiful mess’. Give me a broken wall, add some colours to it, dot some leaves around and I’m in my element! For whatever reason, my eye is always immediately focused on imperfections. They fascinate me. In my photography, but also in life,...