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How to Overcome Anxiety Through Travel
How to Overcome Anxiety Through Travel

Things did not immediately get better upon my return like I expected them to. I wondered how to overcome anxiety and I discovered the key was to travel solo once again, to do something that challenged me as a person. I needed to learn how to be independent again, how...

Simple Guidelines for Responsible Diving

When I dived, I made sure to inform myself on what responsible diving actually entailed. It is really very simple to stick to those simple guidelines which can make a tremendous difference to preserving the underwater world.Please consider these when you book your next diving adventure:...

Overcoming my Fear of Diving in Koh Tao Thailand

I was 17, curious and very brave. In hindsight, I would have probably left it a few more years before trying it out. I do know now, that having a positive mindset and the ability to rationalise your fears, play a big part in how you will experience your first...

Review: Everyday Bangkok Hostel

After some research, Everyday Bangkok Hostel caught my attention. Here is the impression I had of the place:One can tell, that the owner puts his heart into this place. The hostel only recently opened its doors – so everything is new. What I particularly liked about it, was the colourful...

Review: Loftel 22 Bangkok

We wanted to find cheap, but good, hostels for the remainder of our time in Bangkok. This was not easy. If I stay in a hostel, I spend quite a big amount of time reading reviews, as I don't want to sleep in bedbug infested places nor spend the whole...

The 5 best Co-working Spaces in Chiang Mai

During my two weeks in Chiang Mai, I cycled from Night Bazaar, where my apartment was situated, to Nimman Road every day. I usually would cycle back home anything between 2am – 4am. So an important criteria for me was to work at a co-working space which was open 24...